Monday, February 5, 2007

Fuzzy Wuzzy wuzza bear

Winter is upon us full force here in Loserville. It showed up a little late but it’s here. And it’s brass-monkey cold.

I’m now going to let out a little girly-winter secret. So you guys who are faint of heart may want to skip ahead to the Random Links.

When cold weather arrives, there are certain areas that don’t see a razor.

Now don’t start groaning. I know I’m not the only gal out there that grows their own socks in the winter. During my single gal days I was really bad about not shaving everything because I figure, NO ONE is gonna see this until spring. Why dull up a bunch of razors for something that’s not exposed.

Well, that’s not exactly true. I did (and still do) shave the lower part of my legs, since ankles and calves get a little showtime in the winter. The rest won’t see the razor until warm weather rolls around. Don’t panic. I’m very tidy in the summer.

I know some guys complain about having to shave their face every day. I will GLADLY trade with any of you any day. Just once you should try shaving the pits, the legs and the ‘nether regions,’ all at the same time, without drawing any blood or ruining your skin. Plus, don’t forget tweezing the eyebrows.

Luckily I’ve got a very forgiving and loving husband. Well, either that or he just doesn’t notice things because he’s never mentioned my winter furriness.

Saturday we were getting ready for a formal event and I mentioned that I should probably shave my legs since they hadn’t seen a razor in a while. We both looked down expecting something that resembled a tree sloth but were shocked when we saw nearly nothing.

Seems that Mom was right. Years ago dear old Mom told me one of the benefits of getting older (beside the disappearance of ye olde period) was that body hair gets thinner.

And, amazingly, that’s happening. Well, the hair thing anyway. The period is still going...

Having naturally black hair was always a curse in my youth. The hair on my legs was downright scary. Not to mention any hair that showed up on my arms or even, gods forbid, the upper lip.

But now at a ripe old age of 36 the hair on my legs is quite thin. Argon-Man and I really had to look to see any growth. Yes, there was growth, but you could barely see it. Astounding.

If this keeps up, I can quit shaving altogether! Imagine! No more chafed skin. No more cuts. No more dulled razors. It could happen! But not yet.

Don’t freak. I went ahead and weed-whacked the legs in time for the event. But at least now I have one reason to not dread getting older.


Unknown said...

for men of course the opposite is true - the hair on our head may thin or even disappear but nose hair, ear hair, and wayward eyebrows sprout to previously unknown and unimagined levels

webhamstress said...

Since I just turned 32, maybe I should wait a little longer and reconsider the laser hair removal (so tempting when you have to shave or wax practically your entire body).