Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Random thoughts and links, part 101

My seasons and timing are thrown off. Not only is Daylight Savings Time moving up the calender, so is the Halloween Trade Show. It's THIS weekend instead of the middle of March. And I'm so not ready for it.

My enthusiasm hasn't kicked in yet. Maybe I'm still traumatized by incidents from last year's trip. This time should be better, tho. Much smaller group, easier to communicate and keep together... I hope.

I was also initially worried about the weather. I mean, let's face it, Chicago in February is not the most pleasant place to be. But current weather forecasts are saying it should stay relatively warm but rainy. I can deal with rain. Cold is what makes me cease functioning and causes excessive whining.

In any case, I'm preparing for the trip properly. I have a hot stone massage scheduled for tomorrow night and I'm taking Monday off to recuperate. Plus there's a really good chance we could be seeing some real-life dead bodies on Sunday. Here's hoping for a stress-free trip and that I don't come home wanting to kill anyone.

Crazy links to keep you occupied:

This is so wrong on so many levels... so I just HAD to post it here (thanx Ric for the link).

Very handy, education and entertaining... I live for this show.

Just in time for Passover... for the mensch who has everything.

Need furniture but ya don't have a lot of room?... Come On Down!

Just the shirts I need for my Haunt Staff... hopefully more in the works soon...

The Internet knows where you live... and can tell you about that rain coming.

The weirdest stuff you will ever hear... fun to confuse your iPod with.

Cant... stop... playing... 34 seconds!

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Rick Rockhill said...

I love your blog! its very witty, entertaining and well written. like your photo of Lily Munster btw...I did a posting mourning her passing that attracted a lot of comments.
stop by and visit sometime.