Sunday, January 28, 2007

Random thoughts and links, part 100

Deep down I really love winter. I may bitch about the cold and the nasal problems, but there's one main reason I really love the freezing season.

I get to show off my ugly socks and tights collection.

I have a solid supply of your basic black tights, plus an assortment of other solid colors, but I also pride myself on the stripes, leopard print and other odd patterns I own.

I currently have 25 pairs of tights and about 30 pairs of strange socks.

That number went up recently with the addition of some wonderful purchases from this fine lady. I ordered them a week ago and got them yesterday. All the way from Oregon.

So this begs the question: After spending $530 on new tires, $360 on new struts, $120 for an oil change and radiator flush, and $105 on a new battery and installation, should I feel guilty about spending $75 on socks (6 pair tights, 3 pair socks)?

The Answer: Hell no.

Woo hoo! Crazy links!

The line "Oh dear lord, it's so beautiful. I am so proud to be an American right now cracks me up every time... Oh, dear Lord, BEES!

The number of crappers is quite amusing... Yay Apple!

They're not just for safe sex anymore... #9 shore is purdy.

Star Wars, the low-budget version... hand job.

Valentine's Day is coming up... Me Want!


Anonymous said...

Oh, man... I gotta get me some chocolate skulls!

I like the ordering choices:
White:_ Dark:_ Semisweet:_ Bone:_

Bone? :-/

Anonymous said...

$135 for a chocolate skull!?! Ouch. I would have a hard time eating it, they look so nice just the way they are.

magmomma said...

I just love those crazy socks! Glad to see someone else has a sock collection. Mine are the ones with the toe a glove.
Glad to read your blog again..Durany!
**adding it to my rss reader**

npalmtree aka nina