Saturday, April 4, 2009

A-Haunting We Will Go

Good news: Last weekend a troupe of our Haunted folks ventured out to St. Louis for the Haunt Trade Show.

Bad news: Since it's only a 'Haunt' show, and not a Haunt, Halloween and Costume show, it was a lot smaller that what we seen in the past. a lot of our favorite companies were not there.

Good news: We bought some cool stuff, kept it all way under budget, and got a ton of ideas for this season.

Bad news: Prices on everything went way up, so our purchasing was limited.

Good news: This was one of the few trips that I did NOT feel the urge to kill anyone after it was over. Everyone had a good time, was well-behaved and no one pissed me off.

More good news: The drive was nice, traffic getting into St. Louis was a breeze, our hotel was very posh and literally right across the street from the Convention Center.

Bad news: One of our drivers had a brain fart on the way home and, well, had some bad car-karma (locked auto, something about driving off with a gas pump...)

Good news: Like I said, we have a ton of great ideas for this year's Haunt.

Bad news: We need a bigger house. We have so many ideas that we don't have the space for all of them.

Good news: We have a lot of costumes, sets and construction projects to get started on, and we have help coming from various sources. Let's just say it's good to have a spouse who's an avid gardener and a dad who into the tool and die trade.

And videos? Yes, we have them...

Old people and their walkers:

Talk about driving someone up the walls:

Happy Bat. Happy Bat is hungry:

Death has come for you all, and is staying for the all-you-can-eat buffet:

How not to lose your head. And that horse could use a sandwich: