Thursday, January 18, 2007

Welcome aboard. Have a seat...

Many moons ago I got into this whole blogging thing over at Spymac. 'Course, that's when Spymac was just a Mac Fanatic hangout. I've watched it go thru changes over the years and each change has brought some disappointment. I saw favorite things and favorite people leave. A lot of people leave.

I stuck it out for as long as I could, but the newest changes are not just for me anymore. Plus I haven't logged in the site since before Christmas. And I haven't really had much inspiration to blog anyway.

But I seem to be getting the writting itch back. And some of you (well, at least a few of you) seem somewhat interested in what goes on round these here parts.

Just a brief history...

Still doing graphic design at the same workplace for the past 5 years. Still doing the Haunted House thing every fall. Still managing the current one. Still married. Still one cat.

The spouse (Argon Man) got a new car. Yup, the piece-of-Buick finally fucking died. Took it forever, and lots of our money in numerous repairs, but that fucker is dead. Gone. Outta here. So Argon is driving a 2004 Honda Accord. He is most happy.

I'm still driving the Focus wagon, but that's ok. Me and Focus are doing just fine.

I got away from the computer during the holidays and caught up on some reading. Tore thru a bunch of books. Some of them good, some not. Despite his notorious reputation, Marquis de Sade is a terrible writer. Awful. He is stuff is about %20 good, one-handed porno reading material. The rest is a mix of really torturous (and I mean that in every sense of the word) plot and badly-placed, long-winded political diabtribe. Dreadful.

I also rediscovered why I don't like D.H Lawrence either. He's great at slowly buidling tension, but his endings are as flat as a year-old 2-litre of soda.

But anyway, wrapping things up, yes. I'm here now. Hopefully I'll be posting more often. The Random Thoughts and Links will return. Along with the usual snide bitter social observations.

Thanx to everyone for stopping by and keeping me close to your heart and at the top of your bookmarks.


RicTresa said...

Welp.. Here I am! A SpyPal from way back.

Anonymous said...

Never been much of a commenter but I did frequently read your entries...Gonna try remember you post here now hehe


Anonymous said...

OK, here I am, just placed this link in my "Blogs 'n' shit" bookmarks folder. I am one of your many legions of fans. When do we legions get our chainmail jerseys, eh??

Anonymous said...

Glad I caught that entry on SM so I could find this blog. Keep writin'!

Anonymous said...

Cool, a new bus!

Unknown said...

OK - Fanny - bookmarked now -