Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Stay tuned for this important announcement

Just to let everyone know, I am not joining any more membership websites (I.E. WAYN, Facebook, LouisvilleMojo, etc.) I am here and on MySpace and that's it. No more.

I am not joining any forums, no matter how cool the website or who operates it.

I am not adding any quiz applications to my profile, here or at MySpace, nor am I buying anybody as a pet. Nor do I care "how much I am worth" or "how much you are worth."

I do not do any form of online chat (I.E. iChat, AOL Messenger, MySpace Chat, etc.) so don't bother with the invites.

No offense to anyone who wants to do that stuff on their own, and no offense to those who have sent me various invites to do so.

I'm just tired of getting inundated with spam from all these unnecessary websites and other silly doo dads.

If you wish to contact me, you can do so here or via MySpace. If you're looking for my email, it's VERY easy to find (pretend you want to volunteer at my Haunted House, visit their website - in the column on the right - and look for the contact info).

Thank you for your time. Carry on...

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Hi from "annette143"