Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Things have FINALLY calmed down at work. For the past three weeks I’ve been driven completely batshit crazy by an unusual overflow of work, not to mention constantly harassed by the sales gurus needing their stuff NOW.

Needless to say, I’ve been in a very fowl mood. Alcohol helps, but not always. Whoever created that crazy rule about not drinking at work obviously NEVER worked in printing. But I digress...

I’m enjoying being able to breathe at a normal rate, not having to prairie dog and hide every time I see a sales slug approaching my desk, and getting more than one bathroom break a day. My day was further brightened when I received one of those silly little surveys from Nicograph. It’s brainless, it’s a waste of time, and it gives me a chances to blather about myself.

Four places that I go over and over:

Barnes & Noble - The Spouse and I call it “book therapy.” I could stay in there for days.

Book & Music Exchange - A great little local used shop that carries books, videos, DVDs and videos games. The guys who work there are a riot

Work - Da job. 5 days a week.

Gatlinburg - A once a year thing. We have our favorite shops, favorite restaurant (Best Italian) and even our favorite hotel. We already have our room reserved for next year.

Four of my favorite places to eat:

Shogun - It’s sushi and it’s closer to our house than Sapporo. And the sushi bar guys know us very well.

Ramsi's - Wonderful international food. Haven’t found anything on the menu I don’t like.

Panera - Not your ordinary soup-and-sandwich place. They have some tasty goods in the bakery and a broccoli cheddar soup in a bread bowl to die for.

Vietnam Kitchen - One of Loserville’s best kept secrets. It’s practically a hole in the wall with maybe a dozen tables. Delicious food. You know it’s good when the local Vietnamese frequent the place.

Four places I would rather be right now:

On my deck - Now that the weather has finally warmed up I’ve been taking full advantage of the patio table, chairs and umbrella. This holiday weekend I spent nearly all three days our there with a drink in one hand and a book in the other. And, dare I say, I actually got a little color on my normally pasty flesh.

Barnes & Noble - As mentioned before, book therapy is always good for the soul.

At the sushi bar at Shogun - I could eat sushi every day and never get tired of it.

On a cruise ship to anywhere - I don’t care it was Hawaii or Alaska, the Caribbean or Europe. I would so love to feel the waves gently rock the ship as we ventured to some exotic place.

Four TV shows I watch all the time:

Ghost Hunters - Yall know how much I love spooky shit. The entire world must come to a halt when a new episode airs. I love the show so much I already have the book.

Dirty Jobs - The Spouse suspects I have a crush on Mike Rowe (he does have a nice voice) but I really do love watching that poor slob deal with some of the most god-awful, gross, vomit-inducing situations.

UFC Fight Night - As mentioned in a previous blog, I’m hooked on watching to men beat the living shit out of each other. And, forgive me, I recently bought a Tapout shirt while in Gatlinburg.

HBO Boxing After Dark - See above. This has become a Saturday night ritual. If a Saturday goes by without a fight, the Spouse and I are depressed.

So, what are YOUR fours?

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KD said...


The "four favorites" list was sent to me by a mutual female friend of ours with the initials "S.D." Just wanted to make sure she gets her cred :)