Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Random thoughts and links, part 102

Slowed down this week at work. Kinda drove me crazy, sitting there all day with nothing to do. But that's ok...

Barb is leaving.

I knew it was coming when, two weeks ago, I found where someone had been checking on a resume posting thru the web on one of our communal computers. It didn't take any major CSI work to figure out who it was. But I kept my mouth shut and said nothing until she told me yesterday.

In all honesty, I do NOT wish her any ill will. But I know a lot of us will be glad to have some peace again. I knew she wasn't really happy at our place. A few times her lack of knowledge caused some riffs with some other people.

What's really amusing is the little, insignifcant things that actually drove her to look for another job. She didn't like the fact that our Gestapo-like dress code wouldn't allow her to wear open-toed shoes without hose. She complained a lot about not having enough vacation (you get one week after you've been there 3 months, 2 weeks after you've been there a year, 3 weeks after 5 years and so on...). There were time she seemed very much like a 'princess.'

So anyway, we have only a few days left with her. Which is good in a way. Like I said, hot having to hear her beat the death out of stories over and over will be nice. But who knows what kind of life form will walk in the door to replace here....


A lot of work for a very cool item... me want!

I can... can you?

Damn cool. And I'm not even a motorcycle fan (thanx Csam for the link)... vrooom!

Ok, here's the situation. You're stuck next to an obnoxious/hateful/nosey/smelly/rude or otherwise unpleasant person on a bus, train or plane. Very casually open up your laptop or other web browsing device and launch your web browser or email app. Close your eyes and raise your head. After a quiet moment of reflection... go here.

Yes, I know how politically incorrect it is, but if you were stuck next to Barb on your next 13 hour flight (and you didn't mind the jail time afterwar) it would be so worth it.

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