Thursday, March 20, 2008

Random thoughts and links, part 110

In case some of you didn't notice, spring official started today. After battling the weather roller coaster we locals were treated to a full day of sun and relatively tolerable temperature today. Since March 7 we've seen 18 inches of snow, followed by a quick meltdown with a side-order of steady rain which resulted in a nice case of flooding.

We have a saying 'round these here parts: "Don't like the weather? Stick around, it'll change." March thru May are the most fun times for weather in Loserville. You can get sun, rain, snow and tornados and, if you're lucky, all in the same day. Last year brought a new annual late winter/early spring event: Thunder Snow. And no, I am NOT making that up. For the past two years in February or March we've had big 'o fat snow falling while thunder has gently shook our houses.

But for now all is calm. And I'm feeling like that there dog as I watch the sun dry up the bog in our backyard. It's been a rotten winter. And it hasn't affected just me. According to MoodyOrNot, it's been pretty crappy for everybody. Last week and last Tuesday were particularly bad.

But if the Spring Weather Fairies have not blessed your locale, here's some goofy web shit to keep you happy.

First question: Who the hell created this? Second question: Who the fuck bought it?!

Roses are read, violets are blue, I'm a Schizophrenic, and so am I. (This one is especially good.)

Now this is a business franchise we need here in Loseville. They would be getting a lot of my money.

When your leg just isn't good enough anymore...

You want ME to babysit your kids? Sure! Guess what we're doing tonight while Mommy and Daddy are gone? We're coloring!

Boredom at work shall never rear its ugly head again.

This dog fuckin' RAWKS!!

Typography as entertainment (graphic designers will love this.)

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