Saturday, June 2, 2007

Random thoughts and links, part 105

I'm slowly coming down from one hell of a high.

I just returned from a Library Book Sale.

Hey, for all the addictions I could possibly suffered from, at least I chose the safer ones: coffee, food and books. Ok, the food might cause large ugly fat but at least books don't cause cancer, hemorrhoids, heart disease, STDs, unwanted pregnancies or deadly nasal warts.

So today was the Great Geek Book Trek. I picked up WasabiJohn and off we went, meeting up with fellow book nerds DFA, Smacky, Webhamster, Webhamstress and Teh Iz, and Haunted House veterans Csam and Cathy.

A good buying time was had by all and pretty much everyone walked out with some new treasures. I came armed with a large plastic sack and filled that puppy right up.

So I just finished removing all the plastic Library jackets and pockets and cataloging them all on Library Thing. 12 books for $33.50. Can't beat that.

Now all I have to do is find room on the shelves. Looks like another bookshelf is on the necessary list.

While I'm making room and rearranging the collection, here's da links...

If you finally decide to do some killin'... here's the way to start.

Ow, my eyes! My eyes!... why do I get the feeling I'
m being followed?

The perfect gift for your downbeat friend... especially if his name is Eeyore.

Now that, friends and neighbors, is how you exit a job... even better than my resignation scroll.

Mine eyes have seen the glory... and all my questions are answered.

Who said watching paint dry was the ultimate in boring?... well, watching grass grow is a little more exciting... maybe...

The cats and walrus have competition... where is your Rocky now?


Stephen Parrish said...

The exit interview takes the prize.

smacky said...

Damn you and your Library Thing link!! I could have had a life if I didn't know about this site! ;)